NEW Poison Apple Bandits™
NEW Poison Apple Bandits™

NEW Poison Apple Bandits™

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Poison Apple:  0.5” hard enamel (green enamel is glow in the dark)

Bandits are super cute charms for your Apple Watch bands or Magicbands!  Basically an accessory for your accessory!!  These are NOT pins.  The post fits snuggly  in the hole of the band (you may hear a slight “snap” when it’s in place).

*We cannot guarantee that the Bandits will fit into the holes of every type of watch band, but we do know that they fit the standard Apple Watch band, the Apple Watch Sport band (the one with holes on both sides of the band), and Magicbands.  We have had customers inform us that the Bandits fit their Fitbit bands, but we cannot guarantee this as we have not tested the Fitbit bands.

**As with any piece of jewelry, handle with care.

***Contains small parts. Choking hazard.  Keep away from children.

Care instructions can be found here: